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RFE Services Limited.

Distribution services, document, package and E-commerce Business

           RFE Service Company Limited is a Thai company that recognizes the importance of Future transport From the traditional transportation model used in Thailand. New, fast, accurate and punctual international forwarding And in order to have a Thai shipping company. Competing effectively with international shipping companies, we also bring 100% insurance coverage in case of damage to the transported goods. Until the customer companies use the service trust. And use the services of the company. Rapid increase Currently, we have around 500 delivery vehicles nationwide.

           The company has two shipping methods to make your products reach your destination in time, including air (THAI). Because we are the designated agent of Thai Airways International for air freight. We will send the goods to the destination airport. And there will be employees of the RFF to receive and forward to the next recipient.

Additional services
  • All Domestic Domestic, Next Day, 1-5 Day
  • Distribution and Forwarding Services – Next Day, 1-5 Day
  • Cargo (THAI)
  • Document review
  • Warehouse rental
  • Warehouse management
  • Car rental service pickup, six wheel, trailer
Terms and conditions
  • 100% product warranty*
  • Product warranty up to 20,000 baht*

** These terms and conditions are subject to the terms of service.

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